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I find the underlying values of web3 and crypto incredibly compelling, especially as articulated by the people in the Optimism community, and I have been following crypto closely ever since the Ethereum whitepaper came out in 2014. It seems obvious that (a) trustless computation and (b) a public, trustless, immutable database are revolutionary primitives that will unlock amazing things we haven’t seen before.

And yet, I’m generally skeptical of most web3 so far, because the vast majority are self-referential; most excitement for crypto products is predicated on the appreciation of crypto itself, rather on something that people value independently from crypto. I’ve been following this space for 8 years, and I’ve yet to see an application that isn’t deeply “meta”. As cool as many of those are, what I really want to see is web3-style solutions tackling existing problems we have in the world. I think this is possible, but I just haven’t seen much of it yet.

So with all that, my interest in participating in Optimism is that I’d like to do my part to shepherd the community towards more of those concrete applications that will change the way people live and relate to each other. I’m optimistic we can make it happen. :slight_smile:

My view on the Optimistic Vision: It’s incredibly exciting to find a community that values public goods as much as I do, and understands that coordination problems are central to almost every major problem that humans have struggled most to solve.

I’m curious to see what concrete steps the Optimism community takes to actual solve these sorts of problems. It’s easy to point out that coordination problems are the source of many of our troubles, and it’s a different thing entirely to actually execute on novel solutions to solve those problems.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: I’m excited to be part of the evolution of this governance system, and that it’s intentionally designed to be flexible, responsive, and iterative. In the same spirit, if I’m elected as a delegate, I plan to start with a self-imposed term limit of 3 months. After that, I’ll reflect on whether I feel like I’m making a meaningful contribution to the ecosystem and decide whether I should continue being a delegate.

My skills and areas of expertise: economics, game theory, urban design, programming, product design, tools for thought

My favorite Web3 projects: The biggest exception to the skepticism I mentioned earlier that I’ve seen so far is Audius: https ://twitter.com/devonzuegel/status/1463359239699763208

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