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Delegate Statement

My commitment to the Optimism ecosystem stems from a desire to facilitate a diverse and global perspective within the OP Collective. As a delegate, my primary mission is to foster collaboration, ensuring that the voices of the Portuguese-speaking community resonate strongly within the decision-making processes of Optimism.

In the realm of decentralized governance, I envision the OP Collective as a mosaic of opinions and ideas, each contributing to the success of Optimism. My objective is to be the bridge connecting individuals with the Collective and its ecosystem. This bridge aims to not only strengthen the representation of different cultures but also to actively engage the community in shaping the decentralized future.

I embrace the values outlined in the Delegate Commitment, understanding the responsibility it carries in shaping the trajectory of Optimism.

In alignment with the Optimistic Vision, I believe that Optimism is redefining the relationship between profit and impact, filling a gap much needed in the crypto ecosystem. This was something that I could experience with more details participating as a badgeholder in RPGF3.

In addition, I’ve been educating Portuguese speakers about Optimism for more than a year, covering topics from governance & technical updates, DeFi, decentralization, OP Stack…

It’s incredible to see the progress that the Collective made so far and I want to help it take the next steps.

Reflecting on the foundational articles of the Working Constitution, I believe it is important to acknowledge that we are experimenting with new concepts. Things are not gonna work out 100% as this is a work in progress, but we should always learn with our mistakes. Our governance systems should be built with the intention of welcoming diverse participants, making participation straightforward, and learning from the shortcomings of traditional models.

I am inspired by the journey the Optimism Collective has already undertaken and incredibly excited to contribute to the upcoming steps and challenges. The potential within the OP ecosystem is vast, and being a part of it is truly gratifying.

My Web3 interests: Education, Governance, Media, DeFi, Events, Scalability.

Languages I speak and write: Portuguese, English & Spanish

Stay Optimistic! 🔴✨

Top Issues

Treasury management
Treasury management
I'm of the opinion that the Treasury should finance public goods initiatives that contribute to the OP Collective. At the same time, projects need to demonstrate results in their proposals and be held accountable if they fail to do so.
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