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Agora Changelog

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December 18th, 2023

Agora Optimism V6 Governance Beta Launch πŸš€ πŸŽ‰

Launch Day is here. The new Agora Beta Client for Optimism governance is live at https://opbeta.voteagora.com.

This new beta improves on the existing governance client and adds:

  • Support for the new Optimism V6 Governor
  • Support for new Quorum and Proposal Types
  • A robust voteable supply oracle to simplify proposal creation
  • Beta support for advanced delegation
  • Enhanced user interface for better user experience
  • Performance improvements

What does Beta support for Advanced Delegation Mean?

Advanced delegation is by far the most complex feature that Agora has added to the Optimism goevrnance stack in 2023. The idea is so simple and powerful, starting today, you are able to take an EOA balance and partially delegate it to any number of different addresses.

Gone are the days of fully delegating all of your voting power, you can now give a little bit to many addresses, or a lot to a few addresses. The choice is yours.

Given how different this is from existing delegation, we are testing the feature with a smaller group of delegates over the next few weeks, and this group will use it to vote during the next round of votes in 2024. Once we are confident in the mechanics on the client side (the contract is already deployed), we will be rolling it out to more and more of the OP community.

Whatβ€˜s next?

We will continue improving the beta client based on your feedback and improving the advanced delegation experience. We will also be adding more features to reach partity with our existing client that lives at https://vote.optimism.io.