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Delegate Statement

This is the Synthetix Ambassador Eth Multi-Sig Wallet that currently does not have access to voting on Optimism, which is why we have two wallet addresses.

As Synthetix ambassadors we feel that we are well equipped to contribute to the improvement and maintenance of Optimism via governance and represent the Synthetix ecosystem in the Optimism ecosystem as well.

The SNX Ambassadors play the role of governance participation on behalf of our community for many protocols and Optimism governance would be yet another key place for us to be active in.

My skills and areas of expertise: The Synthetix Ambassador Council is comprised of three members who are signers on the OPsnxAmbassadors.eth multi-sig and we oversee governance for many ecosystem protocols. We are currently active Delegates for several DeFi projects and have experience in submitting and deploying governance proposals and staying up to date on broader governance matters. We also have access to resources with in the Synthetix DAO for purposes of protocol integrations.

Our current signers, who’s twitter handles can be found on @snxambassadors profile bio, are made up of a combination of SNX Core Contributors and long time active Community members who are well versed in the operation of Synthetix and other DeFi/NFT projects. We have a diverse set of skills that include Protocol/Governance analysis, user acquisition strategies, varying degrees of DeFi integrations, general marketing/communication skills and a wide range of other abilities in web3 and DeFi alike.

My favorite Web3 projects: Ethereum, Optimism, Synthetix

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