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Delegate Statement

The top 10 delegates hold >51% of the voting power! Support small delegates by delegating to me! 😊

The top delegates are overweighted on people with a large following rather than people who are most capable and dedicated to the optimistic vision. Governance needs to be more decentralised, for the good of Optimism!

Why you should delegate to me:

  • I am highly qualified. I am a crypto native (since 2014), and am the founder of Brighton Blockchain, a local community meetup group, where I put on regular events and meet a huge diversity of people in the blockchain industry. It's one of the most active and successful groups in the UK outside of London. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I'm keen to put to good use!
  • I am highly engaged. I have a 100% voting record since I started participating, and will not miss votes.
  • I am aligned with the optimistic vision. I even gave a talk on public goods funding in April 2022!
  • I am an independent voice in Optimism governance. It is vitally important that Optimism doesn't have a small minority controlling decisions, or suffer from groupthink.

My view on the first 3 articles of the working constitution:

  • I strongly support principle #1 in the working constitution (experimentation), as the lessons learned are more valuable than the cost of learning. (I also value learning from previous experiments - and not enough focus is on this!)
  • I support #2 in the working constitution - a bicameral system is taking what worked for old governance systems and using that is a reasonable starting point - but experimentation is welcome.
  • I also support #3 in the working constitution (backing the core optimism team). I believe in supporting teams with a strong track record. This goes for grants and governance proposals too - I will back good teams wherever possible!

In general, I favour action over inaction at this early stage in Optimism's life. Optimism is in competition with Arbitrum, Polygon, ZKSync, and others. This means rapid building and scaling is much more favourable than slow, bureaucratic processes - even after considering the trade-offs for both. Public goods funding is the most important job of Layer 2s, and Optimism has the most credible claim to prioritising it. Optimism must succeed. LFG!

Name: Milo Bowman

Address: milob.eth

Discord: MiloBowman

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment Process.

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment.

My Web3 interests: Just about everything! DeFi, Economics, Events, Social Impact, Zero Knowledge.

Languages: English.

Links: My profile on curia, milobowman.com

Top Issues

Grant funding
Grant funding
Experiment, bias for action, back those with a good track record.
Public goods
Public goods
Public goods are good! Impact should equal profit!
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Past Votes

Voted on 1 options in this proposal 5 days ago with 2.1K votes

Season 6: Developer Advisory Board Renewal

Zach Obront
Reason: I really love Ed Mazurek's proposal, there are a lot of sensible suggestions that should be taken seriously. Zach Obront has been a great DAB lead, and I hope he can consider these suggestions.
Voted for this proposal 5 days ago with 2.1K votes

Season 6: Intent Budgets

Reason: I support these budgets. Giving double the grant allocation to other chains in the superchain is a bold move, but I think it's the right direction to grow - this horizontal scaling is totally necessary.
Voted for this proposal 5 days ago with 2.1K votes

Season 6: Intents Ratification

Reason: These are really fantastic intents and they should be strongly supported. Focusing on bootstrapping developers is critical and I'm pleased to see such prioritisation. Growing the superchain too is one of the best ways to focus effort. On intent #1, I think it’s a small step, and important to keep moving forward, but I’d like to see a bit more clarity on the roadmap/timings to further decentralisation.
Voted for this proposal 5 days ago with 2.1K votes

Governor Update Proposal #2: Improvements to advanced delegation allowance calculations

Reason: More of a bug fix than a change.
Voted against this proposal 6 days ago with 2.1K votes

Season 6: Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Reason: This budget is way too high. The CoC council didn't have much work to do at all last season. You do not need 55k OP to enforce the Rules of Engagement.
Voted for this proposal 6 days ago with 2.1K votes

Season 6: Grants Council Operating Budget

Reason: The budget is generous, but not unreasonably. I hope the grants council and Gonna.eth use it well. The huge amount of work that the grants council do, and the accompanying budgets, is growing to be a bit too large for the current process though!
Voted for this proposal 6 days ago with 2.1K votes

Protocol Upgrade #8: Changes for Stage 1 Decentralization

Reason: Another step towards meaningful technical decentralisation - spreading the power to control the superchain with more people (the security council), with a larger threshold to meet. All great and much needed!
Voted for this proposal 6 days ago with 2.1K votes

Protocol Upgrade #7: Fault Proofs

Reason: Long time coming - this is a huge step forward in technical decentralisation and a big milestone towards Stage 1 status.
Voted against this proposal about 1 month ago with 1.59K votes

Season 5 : Intents Budget Proposal #2

Reason: I’m uncomfortable voting for this because I think it’s sliding into a different model of funding than what mission requests are for; it’s essentially making grants supply-led rather than demand-led. The purpose of mission requests is to decide what needs to be built and allocate capital according to priorities, rather than fund what there are builders for and allocate capital according to supply. I’m not necessarily against a supply-led funding model, but I think it requires more discussion and optimising the current process for that. The natural conclusion of a supply-led model is a memecoin fund, and I definitely don’t want to see Optimism slide that way via opaque proposals like this.
Voted for this proposal about 2 months ago with 1.59K votes

Governor Upgrade #1: Improve advanced delegation voting

Reason: This is a very simple (and tiny) upgrade to voting with advanced delegation.