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Quixotic is the first and largest NFT marketplace on Optimism. In addition to building the marketplace, we spend lots of time building community and advising projects in the Optimism NFT space. NFTs have a small marketshare compared to defi, but a large mindshare. We believe NFTs will be crucial to defining the culture of Optimism and for any governance proposal someone should be asking: “how does this affect NFTs and non-financial dapps?” We plan to advocate for the interest of NFT projects and non-financial dapps during the governance process.

My view on the Optimistic Vision:

In the words of Vitalik, “even a billion dollars of capital cannot compete with a project having a soul.” The Optimistic Vision is the soul of Optimism, which is to say it’s the most important part of this project. If we succeed in moving the majority of layer 1 Ethereum activity to layer 2s like Optimism, the vision and values of the protocol will be enormously important. We’re strongly committed to creating a world of regenerative finance, positive externalities, and shared abundance.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

We agree that taking an iterative approach is best and that there will be more rapid iteration at earlier stages than later stages. The token house makes a lot of sense. Questions remain around the Citizen’s house: How is citizenship allocated? Can someone lose citizenship? What will incentivize citizens to actually participate in governance? We feel confident that the OF will govern with a steady hand and is committed to progressive decentralization.

My skills and areas of expertise: NFTs, web3 community, non-financial dapps

My favorite Web3 projects:

ENS, POAP, Gitcoin

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