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Delegate Statement

I want to help. I have seen too many public goods fall or end up hostage to their providers and compromise. We are in a critical state of our society where the vision needs to be shifted, valuable things and money are not the same and this rule should be applied when considering public goods. I want to help identify and promote these value creators so they can positively impact our future and profit from it.

My view on the Optimistic Vision: I believe this is the first step to abandoning the old nation-state system for a more global, inclusive, and sophisticated society. The Optimism Collective will seed new education systems. Open, disinterested, and nonpolitical associated media that will inform curated facts and not only manipulated opinions. New digital ways to rapidly identify problems and the most impactful solutions and more! I always felt my optimism squeezed by corporations without personal profit. This vision is a paradigm shift and we will see more and more talent attracted to it, we all want to do good and live from it.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

My opinion is we won’t see a permanent bedrock constitution in 4 years. We will see an adaptive, flowing, and always changing code, guarded by a new collective. We live in constant change, the constitution needs to be born, live, die, and decompose to nurture the next constitution. In 4 years a new constitution will be set for the next 4 years and so on. When society makes 2 steps ahead usually also tends to consolidate power, which leads to stagnation and crisis. In a futile attempt to maintain the consolidated power usually those in power take society 1 step backward. If we want to always move forward, power consolidation must always be avoided.

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Past Votes

Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 186K votes

Protocol Upgrade #7: Fault Proofs

Reason: Exited about this update both this and the guardin need to be approved for the upgrade to work so I-m voting for in both.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 186K votes

Protocol Upgrade #8: Changes for Stage 1 Decentralization

Reason: All my questions have been propery answered in the comments and I belive this is ready tomove forward.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 186K votes

Governor Update Proposal #2: Improvements to advanced delegation allowance calculations

Reason: This enhances delegation for OP voters, tackling post-launch issues and ensuring accurate voting power calculations. "Advanced delegation" simplifies complex token storage for large funds and partners, mitigating risks of partial delegation discrepancies. The upgrade gives a better voting experience and a more inclusive governance framework for Optimism. FOR
Voted against this proposal 4 days ago with 186K votes

Season 6: Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Reason: CoC processed less than 8 reports last season if I'm not mistaken. - Rules of engagment go to GovNerds now - Optimism Expectations went to free market delegation - Grant misuse report goes to GovNerds and NumbaNerds. I don't see why the COC needs ot be expanded from 3 to 5 when demand is supposed to be lower on season 6 given the new design.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 186K votes

Season 6: Intents Ratification

Reason: I don't think Intent 1 will ever disapear and it's the core of what we are doing here. I have to say I love Intent 2 and the superchain alignment for better integration. It's also nice to see Intent 3 becoming more developer oriented instead of "builders" and narrowing the scope.
Voted on 2 options in this proposal 4 days ago with 186K votes

Season 6: Developer Advisory Board Renewal

Voted: Zach Obront, Ed Mazurek
Reason: I'm voting for both. As an insider given the close conection between GC and DAB I can say Zach did a wondeful job and was always aware of what was happening. On the other side Ed has been present in all the GC office hours trying to understand the process, amking questions, doing homework and figure ways to connect the DAB with the GC. Both earned my trust.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 186K votes

Season 6: Intent Budgets

Reason: I like the new aproach with The Foundation proposing the budgets and understanding what intents need to be boosted from season to season depending on the collective scope.
Voted abstain this proposal 6 days ago with 186K votes

Season 6: Grants Council Operating Budget

Reason: I have to abstain as I am the proposal author.
Voted for this proposal about 2 months ago with 171K votes

Governor Upgrade #1: Improve advanced delegation voting

Voted abstain this proposal about 2 months ago with 171K votes

Season 5 : Intents Budget Proposal #2

Reason: As the proposer and Grants Council lead I have to abstain.