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Delegate Statement

Hello everyone! We are 404 DAO, a non-profit born out of Blockchain at Georgia Tech that is advancing Web3 advocacy, adoption, and innovation. Blockchain at GT is a student led organization at Georgia Tech and currently has over 40 active members.

Blockchain at GT has four main committees: Governance, Non-Technical (primarily research), Technical (primarily Solidity development), and Macro (Encourage discussion at meetings and inform members on crypto news). The club also leads a Crypto 101 course for new members, hosts multiple social and speaker events each semester, and is an official partners for Web3 ATL, the largest web3 conference and hackathon in Atlanta.

The 404 DAO team believes in the future of Ethereum and the importance of scalability in achieving mass adoption. Optimism is a core piece of infrastructure to make this vision a reality and we are honored to contribute. Through our diverse business and technical perspectives, we aim to further Optimism's impact by actively engaging in community discussions and participating in governance. We will leverage this experience to educate and empower the next generation of leaders through our partnership with Blockchain at GT.

404 DAO is committed to transparency; everything involved in our governance decisions will be recorded and displayed on this notion page: https://www.notion.so/404-dao/404-DAO-Governance-519af67dccd84df7b1d9dc50312fd813?pvs=4

More information about 404 DAO and our efforts in Atlanta can be found on our website: https://www.404dao.io/

My view on the Optimistic Vision:

The axiom of Impact = Profit strongly resonates with our team as we believe it is crucial for individuals to be properly rewarded for their contributions in order to align incentives. Over the last 7-8 months we have seen the Optimistic Collective governance model successfully drive rapid growth for the Optimism ecosystem. However moving into 2023, delegates and governance participants need to focus on turning this early growth into something sustainable for the long-term. It is the responsibility of The Collective to properly reward the individuals building public goods, tools, and applications in the Optimism ecosystem.

As stated in the OP Vision, current cyberspace is plagued by the mistake of applying physical rulesets to a system that is not bound by the same constraints. We strongly agree that it is important to recognize the difference between traditional physical systems and digital systems. And while it is advantageous for the Collective to follow established best practices used in current democracies, it is crucial to recognize that new systems will open the door for new types of solutions.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

As a team and organization we value an iterative governance process and believe it is the best path forward for the Collective. The web3 landscape is ever-changing, so our team views the Working Constitution as an optimal framework to guide the early stages of the Collective. While flexibility is key in the early stages of governance, we do believe it is important for the Bedrock constitution to be implemented in no more than 4 years. Additionally, we respect the need for the Optimism Foundation and are confident that it will act in the best interest of the Optimism ecosystem.

My Web3 interests: Data and analytics, DeFi, Economics, Zero knowledge

My skills and areas of expertise: Our team has a diverse set of both technical and non-technical skills. These range from data science and analytics, MEV, and business development/sales.

My favorite Web3 projects: Puzzle, Revest Finance, Harpie

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Governor Upgrade #1: Improve advanced delegation voting

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Season 5 : Intents Budget Proposal #2

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Protocol Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) L1

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Protocol Upgrade #5: Ecotone Network Upgrade

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Mission Requests: Intent #2, 4M OP

Voted: Request 2A: [Additional Revenue Sources to Fund RetroPGF Rounds], Request 2B: [Builders grants program mission request], Request 2C: [Enabling ERC-7281 (xERC20 Tokens) Support on the Superchain Mission Request], Request 2E: [Growth and experiments grants program mission request], Request 2G: [Layerwide new project support], Request 2H: [Making Optimism a primary home of liquid staked eth], Request 2L: [smart contract auditing services], Request 2M: [Superchain Hackathon Mission Request], Request 2N: [ZK Toolkit for ZK Application Developers] with 1.03M votes
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Mission Requests: Intent #4, 1.33M OP

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Mission Requests: Intent #1, 1.33M OP

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Mission Requests: Intent #3, 1.33M OP

Voted: Request 3A: [Advancing Optimism Anonymous Community and Governance Tooling], Request 3C: [Crowdsourcing useful verifiable data], Request 3E: [Incentivize Projects to Integrate the Farcaster Social Graph], Request 3F: [Marketing Support Services mission request], Request 3G: [Onboarding existing communities/organizations to Optimism, solving real-world problems], Request 3I: [Onchain Quest & Education Infrastructure], Request 3K: [Scale ENS to Optimism], Request 3L: [Superchain Accounts] with 1.03M votes
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Protocol Upgrade #4

for with 1.03M votes
Prop 1057...2554
- 3 months ago

Proposal to Reclassify Grant Misusage Enforcement

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