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I run a free and public educational newsletter & podcast in Japanese every week

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In my newsletter, I have covered various aspects of Optimism from its inception to the Japanese community. I was one of the first people who wrote the details about RetroActive public goods funding at that time, and then OP token, OP Stimpack, and OP Stack. The newsletter now has 11,000 subscribers, and since the content is public, each article typically receives over 10,000 views. In addition to that, I was one of the persons who actively participated in RetroPGF and I nominated Eric Conner for EIP1559 in the first Optimism RPGF.


My foremost contribution to the Optimism Collective has been through educational outreach within the Japanese community. I have effectively disseminated information on various facets of Optimism via my newsletter, which now has 12,000 subscribers. The following are the view counts for key articles related to Optimism: - RetroPGF article: 5,310 views - OP Stimpack article: 8,200 views - OP Token article: 8,500 views - OP Stack article: 10,500 views Several readers tweeted that they first discovered RetroPGF through my educational content. In addition to that. I participated in RetroPGF experiment #1 and I nominated the author of EIP 1559, which led to him receiving a grant of $12,225. This encouraged a new EIP to apply for RetroPGF.

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