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We believe information fragmentation is as big of an issue as liquidity fragmentation when seeking mass adoption of Defi. To combat this, we have provided educational/investment tools for users surrounding Optimism projects. We have provided Project Breakdowns on several projects within the ecosystem including Velodrome, Beethoven, Synthetix, and Lyra to serve ecosystem users. Additionally, we have provided additional exposure to Optimism related podcasts featuring hosts such as Subli- via our Notes product which provides summarizations of AMAs to allow users to digest more content in an efficient manner. An overview of our Breakdowns An overview of our Notes product


Through the development and distribution of our content on the projects and podcasts mentioned above, we are pleased to have been able to expose Optimism related projects to: -5,000 platform users of ReveloIntel. -11,000 newsletter subscribers. -13,000 twitter followers - Main Account -18,500 twitter followers - Founder Account -3,300 youtube subscribers.

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