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The web3 community has no efficient way to survey the thoughts of thinkers, builders and users at scale. Additionally, there are only a few ways to organically build knowledge-based reputation on chain. Ponder currently solves both of these issues by deploying social surveys on Farcaster (Optimism), then rewarding respondents with reputation and tokens (Base) based upon the quality and frequency of responses. These surveys enable users to ask important questions of the community, build their personal reputation by answering, and earn rewards while they’re at it. We’ve deployed over 95 surveys in 8 months, and have nearly 500 monthly active users.


Ponder, which utilizes Optimism (through Farcaster) & Base (for passes/rewards), has: - Facilitated public discussions among builders on topics that help them grow their products - Engaged over 1,000 unique respondents, who are now accumulating reputation for their answers - Driven significant activity on the Farcaster protocol, serving as a space for users to voice their thoughts and understand the broader community's perspective - Created new active contracts and transactions with accelerating usage week over week

Funding sources

Farcaster Retroactive Grant
500.00 USD
Purple DAO Prop House Retroactive Grant
1,550.00 USD
Onchain Summer Grant (100 Builders)
3,000.00 USD
Total NFT Sales
5,735.00 USD