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Open source smart contracts that price any ERC20 asset on OP & Base trustlessly

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We built Optimism Prices, a set of open source smart contracts that can price any ERC20 asset that exists in a liquidity pool on Optimism or Base, which is capable of entirely replacing the need for centralized price APIs. The contracts support pricing that requires complex routes with many hops, support non-standard ERC20 implementations and non-standard AMM curves, and are even optimized to allow for pricing 100+ tokens in a single function call so that it can best take advantage of the public Optimism RPC without using unnecessary computation and getting throttled. The Optimism Prices contracts have been iterated upon for many months with direct feedback from some of the largest projects in the Optimism ecosystem, like Velodrome and Aerodrome, which use Optimism Prices in production.


Optimism Prices has encouraged the growth of the Optimism developer community by building a component of the stack that is not only public, trustless, and reliable, but also superior to shortcut centralized solutions. Optimism ecosystem devs no longer need to shell out cash for centralized pricing APIs with spotty uptime, instead they can merely execute a single RPC call using Optimism Prices. Optimism Prices' sole focus and dedication to the Optimism ecosystem allows us to maintain well-engineered integrations for the popular destinations for tokens on Optimism and Base, which lets us guarantee 100% coverage for pricing any asset. As a result, Optimism Prices is the sole price feed relied on by Velodrome and Aerodrome, the #2 and #1 projects by TVL on OP Mainnet and Base respectively.

Funding sources

RetroPGF 2
RPGF round 2 has been Optimism Prices' sole source of funding.
5,973.38 OP