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IPFS is an open system to manage content-addressed data without a central server

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- Development and maintenance of the IPFS protocols and specifications. - Operation of two major IPFS gateways. - Production of one major IPFS implementation (kubo). - Advocacy, governance work, and clear specifications with an open and legitimate process to support the wider community. - Documentation and code examples to help people use IPFS. - Bringing IPFS to browsers, browser engines, and in cURL so as to support better dApps and bridge web2 over.


IPFS is a system for moving data across decentralized networks, with >11M weekly users and 250K public p2p nodes. Highlights: 1. Off-chain storage. IPFS provides verifiable, off-chain storage, often used to reduce on-chain needs in Ethereum & Optimism. Examples: TrueBlocks (local IPFS-based index for EVM chains, built with grants from OP & EF), Snapshot (IPFS-based off-chain voting). 2. Go-to distribution network for fully decentralized third-party app frontends (for gaming, DeFi, & more). We run gateway services that serve 900M requests/wk, and added native IPFS support to browsers like Chromium & Brave. 3. NFT metadata gold standard. Over 115M NFTs are stored on IPFS, including leading platforms OpenSea (which supports Optimism NFTs), Rarible, and Zora.

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Protocol Labs + Filecoin Foundation granted this in the IPFS Implementation Fund
1,500,000.00 USD