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UseDApp is a framework for decentralized application development

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We are creators and maintainers of the open-source frameworks UseDApp, a framework for decentralized application development - UseDapp has helped developers build complex multichain application support streamlining the development process. - UseDapp supports almost 70 different chains, including Optimism, Optimism Goerli, and Optimism Kovan, improving developers' ability to build and test dApps. - UseDApp was the first framework to use Multichain calls which lead to broader blockchain call optimizations. - UseDApp also created a set of useful hooks and helpers that made it even simpler and faster to integrate with different existing standards like ERC20 e.g. useTokenBalance, and useTokenApprovals.


- Over the last few years, UseDapp was downloaded almost 1 million times and helped a lot of developers to increase time-to-market for their applications. - UseDapp was used by projects like Optimism, Status, Nouns, Tally, Boba Network, Pool Together, NuCypher, Index Coop, & over 4.5k more total projects. - UseDapp was popular with hackers at hackathons, as well. - It has >1.5k stars on GitHub. For years it was a leading web3 react library. - UseDApp is integrated with different tools and boilerplates like create-react-app ( with 2.6k stars on GitHub. - UseDApp as an open source library has additional extensions and adapters including one written by OP Labs PBC member Fucory

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