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Blockhead: track/visualize/explore all of crypto/DeFi/web3 in ONE interface! icon

Blockhead: track/visualize/explore all of crypto/DeFi/web3 in ONE interface!



Universal portfolio tracker + browser for EVM chains, DeFi apps + web3 protocols

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Blockhead is a universal crypto/DeFi/web3 browser, implemented as a data-agnostic client-side web app with swappable data sources. Under the hood is a suite of highly composable Svelte-based UI/UX primitives which I continuously update and integrate with new protocols and data providers at various Ethereum/web3 hackathons. Blockhead started as a hackathon project at ETHGlobal's ETHOnline 2020, and I have been building it in the open for the past three years as a public good.


Users of Optimism, Base, Zora, Mantle and other OP Stack-based chains enjoy using Blockhead's unified Portfolio interface to track their tokens, DeFi balances, and NFT activity in one place. Blockhead's Explorer view lets users browse transactions, blocks and verified smart contract source code from multiple OP Stack-based chains within a few clicks. Blockhead has dedicated App dashboards for several DeFi projects with smart contract deployments on OP Stack-based chains, and more are being added all the time. Blockhead's flexible, fully client-side, data-agnostic design allows users to quickly swap out the data sources powering the interface, providing an alternative experience to traditional dapp/block explorer interfaces with a focus on transparency, resiliency and decentralization.

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