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OpenZeppelin Contracts are the go-to library for smart contract development.

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The OpenZeppelin Contracts library helps developers reduce risk by using battle-tested implementations of solidity smart contracts. Developers can also use The Contracts Wizard for no-code development, and upgrade plugins for handling upgradeable contracts. The library is always being worked on by our fully dedicated team of developers and community support. The 5.0 release added namespaced storage, efficiency improvements, a new AccessManager contract, and more. Before every update, we do extensive testing, including fuzzing and formal verification, as well as an audit by an internal independent team. Developers using the library can benefit from the Defender platform's free plan to securely code, deploy, and operate contracts. Defender supports Optimism and Base testnets and mainnet.


Since the early days of Solidity, OpenZeppelin Contracts have been used by almost every smart contract system from the largest projects transacting billions of dollars to individuals building smaller applications. Close to 60% of all transactions in OP mainnet happen via contracts using the library. - Developers are able to develop applications faster by using ready-made contract templates and components. - Applications that use our battle-tested library are more secure, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities for applications in the Optimism Superchain. - New developers can use the Contracts Wizard to develop their first smart contract and deploy it in a few simple steps to the Optimism network. The Defender platform free plan provides additional security tools to the Optimism Collective.

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