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Problem - There are very few consumer dApps that are fun to use and not about speculation. BasePaint was conceived as an art project that could only be built on web3, where artists could collaborate onchain and share in the profits generated by their collective work. Creation - Every day since our launch (08.09.2023) artists come together on BasePaint to paint a shared canvas for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours passes, the artwork is minted as an open edition NFT, and the profits are distributed amongst all contributors. Impact - Over 2,203 artists, many using Base for the first time, have contributed to over 64 CC0 canvases, generating $230k in profits distributed frictionlessly between all contributors.


Since launching, BasePaint has: 1. Generated 150Eth in profits for artists on OP stack 2. Created 64+ unique CC0 pixel canvases, minted 63,000 times from 14,000 unique minters. 3. Had 2,203 unique contributing artists total, with over 650 artists contribute daily in every timezone (https://twitter.com/basepaint_xyz/status/1695460763669074004) 4. Launched collaborations with Pixelmon, Lens, & PartyDAO. 5. Launched the first pixel-verse concert series with SongaDayMann (https://songaday.world/auction/5388) 6. Launched Community Theme Selection, with 27 collaborative themes selected by collectors (https://x.com/basepaint_xyz/status/1705008848267010431?s=20) 7. Community members had one of the canvas time lapses shown in Time Square (https://x.com/gtmcknight/status/1697991118166671469?s=20)

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10% protocol fee on mint in protocol treasury
23,000.00 USD
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7,950.00 USD