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Services & collaboration tools to build & manage pro-social web3 communities

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Made it easy to manage token-gated communities: We provide a simple & easy platform for managing token-gated communities. In total, we support 53k communities across 26+ networks. Collab.Land's support for Optimism since Dec 2021 has facilitated the growth of 253 OP communities. Encouraged adoption & awareness of Optimism: Collab.Land is the most popular token-gating community platform on Optimism. We airdropped 515M COLLAB to 97k+ users, including 62.6M COLLAB to 46 communities on OP. Many users bridged ETH and communities deployed SAFE multisigs to receive tokens. Our newsletters on Substack share project updates; we required communities to publish COLLAB token claim proposals on Mirror & many users collected those posts on OP. Crypto Culture: Videos promoting crypto community culture.


## Community Token Gating & encouraging Optimism adoption ### Optimism mainnet - 243 communities - 352 Optimism TGRs - launched OP gating Dec 2021 ### BASE - 17 communities - 20 BASE TGRs - BASE gating went live Sept 2023 ## Token Claim - 97k+ wallets airdropped 515M COLLAB on OP - airdropped 67.6M COLLAB to 46 communities on OP - including Yield Guild Games SEA, Bankless DAO, and Clipper - 112k wallets currently holding COLLAB on Optimism ## Optimism Awareness & Usage ### DAO Announcements - Mirror - 18k+ Mirror NFT collects on OP - 6k+ subs ### Collab.Land News - Substack newsletter sharing updates in the Collab.Land ecosystem and beyond - 76k Newsletters delivered - 43k read - 5k+ subs ### Lets Form Group - crypto community culture - 6k+ Youtube views

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