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Hi! I'm an open source contributor to the Optimism ecosystem!

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Name: Optimism Gas Tracker Website: Description: A website that displays real time gas prices, estimated cost for common transaction types, and the Top Gas Guzzlers and Top Gas Spenders. Name: Optimism Transaction Replay Tool Website: Description: A utility UI to replay failed L1->L2 or L2->L1 cross-chain messenger transactions. It allows a user to connect an account and shows which transactions can be replayed. It allows setting a higher gas limit and previewing if the transaction will succeed or fail. Name: Github Attestation Action and Bot Website: Description: A tool that allows developers to integrate the Ethereum Attestation Service into their CI workflow.


Optimism Gas Tracker: Gives users a better understanding of OP mainnet gas fee activity. Optimism Transaction Replay Tool: Improve user experience who face L1->L2 or L2->L1 cross-chain messenger transaction failures by using an easy to use UI and removing the need to use a technical SDK. Github Attestation Action and Bot: Helps projects on Github keep track of their contributors by creating automated attestations.

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