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The easiest way to create and launch a Nounish DAO on the OP stack.

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Builder DAO is seeking retroactive funding for the work completed in mid-August 2023 to bring Builder Protocol —our Nounish DAO-launch protocol—onto the Optimism Network (“OP Mainnet”) and other L2 rollup networks built on the OP Stack (e.g. Base and Zora Network). We believe that Builder technology being compatible with all networks built on the OP stack allows for greater proliferation to the OP network. Leveraging the enhanced transaction speed and cost-effectiveness of OP Mainnet and the OP Stack within Builder, further empowers creators and innovators to deploy and run their own DAOs.


Since Builder Protocol launched on Optimism in mid-Aug 2023, 13 DAOs have launched using the protocol on OP. All DAOs launched on Nouns.Build may be seen by selecting the chain from the drop down button on the right at the following link: The creation of DAOs via Builder on OP brings users that are familiar with and engaged in collective governance across the web3 ecosystem. Additionally, as many engaged in the DAO space are technical founders or contributors this engages those already part of the developer ecosystem to interact and build on the OP chain. The ease of use of Builder Protocol to launch DAOs on OP greatly enhances the end user experience which helps to create a effortless pathway to seamless adoption bringing new users to the collective.

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