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Base Punk is a Community-driven NFT project with Web3 Domains & Social Dapps

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Base Punk's innovative ecosystem offers lifetime digital identity, seamless social interactions with daily earnings, and a user-friendly NFT launchpad that simplifies creation, enhances liquidity, and fairly rewards creators. Base Punk Domains: (Free Mint to Base Punk NFT holder ) -This is your ticket to seamless experiences in the Base Punk ecosystem. Base Punk Chat: The Next-Gen Social Network - Daily ETH earnings and activity points are yours for the taking. - Register, interact, mint posts as NFTs, and enjoy a daily passive income stream. Base Punk NFT Launchpad: A Creator's Dream - Simplify NFT creation, with integrated marketplace for each collection ensures liquidity and hassle-free trading. - Smart pricing adapts to demand, keeping NFTs fairly priced. - Creators 2% royalties.


Base Punk is redefining the Web3 experience with an ecosystem that's both groundbreaking and inclusive. All our Genesis NFT holders got Free mint in our .basepunk domain mint .Base Punk Domains offer a unique digital identity, empowering users to access a seamless world of possibilities. With Base Punk Chat, we've transformed social networking into a vibrant, decentralized platform, fostering daily earnings through ETH and activity points. Our NFT Launchpad brings an entirely new approach to NFT creation, simplifying the process for creators and collectors. In these challenging times, our ecosystem is a beacon of opportunity, allowing users to earn daily rewards and launch their NFT collections without coding expertise. It's a revolution, making Web3 accessible and rewarding for everyone.

Funding sources

We received a grant from Base for winning on chain summer events by them.
2,200.00 USD