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Open and transparent DeFi analytics.

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- Supported Optimism from day 1, being one of the first (if not first) data platform to track it - Collected data for Optimism's DeFi projects, which was used by the Optimism Foundation to distribute grants and by Optimism's users to track projects on Optimism - Launched LlamaZip, a router optimized for Optimism that saved Optimism's users lots of fees - Launched LlamaSwap, which has routed >734M volume on Optimism and Base (13.3bn volume across all chains) - Launched LlamaSearch, helping users avoid getting their wallet drained on phishing sites - Launched LlamaPay on Optimism, used by some projects to pay salaries, vest tokens or simply distribute tokens. - We maintain a list of free APIs, including our prices API, which are used by many projects on Optimism on their app/infrastructure


- Helped optimism gov decide on what grants to give and track ecosystem and impact of grants. - 1M monthly users use us to discover protocols on Optimism (and other chains), track yields on Optimism, evaluate protocols, track chain metrics... - LlamaSwap has routed >734M of volume on Optimism (672M) and Base (62M) - LlamaZip has done >70k transactions, reducing costs for optimism's users - Projects on optimism/base that use our APIs (mainly price api): pancakeswap, granary, mean finance, qidao, gamma, baseswap, ankr, revert finance... This infra that we maintain allows them to deliver their products/protocols to optimism users - LlamaPay on Optimism has been used by Premia, PoolTogether, Velodrome... for their operations - Over 10k daily users on our extension

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