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AW house is an Public Good Ecosystem for Autonomous World builders.

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Komorebi has already put 150K personal funds into organizing AW House project (hacker house, grant program, hackathon, R&D lab). Komorebi has teams/communities committed to it. AW is a new space that if incubated well, could find a unique home on Optimism even more than it does today. AW is a tight-knit group of devs. And Komorebi was able to give feedback to the collective on what is needed technically to make it better. With this feedback, Optimism could make changes so onchain gaming can prosper even more. Komorebi was able to connect selected AW builders to Kevin and Binji from Optimism. and have been sharing Autonomous World space information. Built OSS onchain hackathon protocol for the autonomous world on Optimism. The first onchain AW hackathon is going to be held on Oct 27-29


There are some projects. -Hackathon: Gave opportunity to develop and share knowledge -Hacker House: Made Schelling points for niche autonomous worlds/fully onchain game builders, researchers, and players. -AW Grant: Boosted projects in this space. Support them to move forward quickly. -AW UBI: Supported public good builders. -R&D: Showed different angles and innovative signals for builders. -Optimism: Kamigochi team switched to Optimism from Kanto after attending hacker house. And Komorebi connected them to Optimism member. Probably, Gaul would choose Optimism after Hacker House.

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Governance fund
Cycle 15 builders fund
35,000.00 OP