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A media initiative out of the @LyraFinance community.

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Established in 2022, the Lyra Research Collective is a community-driven initiative devoted to sharing crucial updates on the Optimism ecosystem. Through our Twitter, we offer a weekly data thread and monthly newsletters, detailing the latest developments and innovations. Our analysis spans significant areas within the ecosystem, including Kwenta and Polynomial. Our primary goal: keep over 87,000 Lyra enthusiasts updated on all things Lyra and Optimism. What distinguishes us is our community-driven ethos. Every insight we share is powered by our members, ensuring our outputs truly serve the community's needs.


Our Twitter analytics show consistent engagement with our weekly data threads. Catering to over 570 followers on Twitter, we provide updates to 87,000+ Lyra community members. Our Medium page, dedicated to newsletters, reveals increasing readership, highlighting the community's demand for in-depth insights. We produce content on various Lyra products for hedging and arbitrage. Most content revolves around Optimism. In 'Data & Key Metrics', we explore pivotal option metrics for OP.

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