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We're a DAO accelerator for patient communities, and we've crafted two tools on Optimism: Token Vesting Contract: It allows bounties for patient contributors, ensuring long-term commitment while granting immediate voting rights. This promotes genuine community participation over speculation. NFT Badges via Otterspace: To meet Swiss regulations, we issue NFT badges post KYC/AML checks for contributions over 1,000 Swiss Francs. The NFTs, with embedded metadata, ensure contributors are verified, making the donation process seamless and compliant. Your support can amplify our community-driven mission.


At our DAO accelerator for patient communities, our contributions on Optimism have been twofold: Token Vesting Contract: Deployed on Optimism, this not only saved costs but also optimized transaction speeds. It promotes genuine, long-term community involvement by providing immediate voting rights to contributors, aligning with Optimism's ethos of community empowerment. NFT Badges via Otterspace: To streamline the compliance process, we used Optimism for efficient NFT minting, ensuring that sizable contributions remain transparent and trustworthy. This approach has showcased Optimism’s potential in regulatory use-cases, further diversifying its applicability. Our efforts aim to enhance Optimism's community-centric vision.

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