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Zeptimusq (Discord and TG) - zeptimus.eth

Transparency and accountability advocate. A passionate representative focused on decentralized governance.

Following my passion for governance im right now working on Pairwise which aims to make community signaling easier and help communities to make their voice heard.

My view on the Optimistic Vision: The main thing that pushed me to get actively involved in the TEC back in 2019 was the goal of changing the structure on how funding public goods work. Im a strong beliver that public goods should had a market and be cometitive as tradicional business are to the economy and be on the public goods business should be profitable making who ever improve more public goods spaces and impact our spaces in a positive way more get more rewards financyally. The idea of finding ways to make public goods sustainable by providing incentives to those who build them is something that excites me and fills me with purpose.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: I see the adaptability of Article 1 as essential, appreciate the innovative bicameral system of Article 2 for equitable governance, and am curious about the DAO's influence on the Optimism Foundation as outlined in Article 3, emphasizing the need for community impact in governance decisions.

My skills and areas of expertise: Governance, Accountability, very familiar with Ostrom principles to govern the commons. Community

My favorite Web3 projects: Pairwise, Giveth, EVMcrispr, Snapshot and recently in love with odos

Top Issues

Treasury management
Treasury management
I believe in transparency, accountability, and strategic allocation to sustain and grow the ecosystem. Effective treasury management should ensure long-term financial health, making it possible to prioritize funding for public goods and support community initiatives.
Grant funding
Grant funding
I believe in a process that is transparent, and aligned with the community's values and goals.
Public goods
Public goods
Inspired by the vision that public goods markets should be competitive and rewarding, I advocate for a system where contributing to communal well-being is both a moral and financial choice, ensuring sustainability and positive change through smart incentive structures.
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Protocol Upgrade #4

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