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We’re the OP Chinese Community delegation led by Marcus, aiming to push for protocol decentralization & a better ecosystem for the Optimism Collective while we help chinese communities to benefit and get involved.

What is Optimism Chinese?

OP Chinese Community is an Optimism Chinese developer community initiated by GCC, LXDAO, PlanckerDAO, Dengchain Community, and TraDAO. It is an organisation that spreads the concept of Optimism technology and Public Goods and aims to become a bridge linking the Chinese community and the Optimism ecosystem, and to promote two-way communication between the Optimism ecosystem and the Chinese community. We aim to be a bridge between the Chinese-speaking community and the Optimism ecosystem, to promote two-way communication within the Optimism ecosystem and the Chinese-speaking community, and to promote the prosperity of public goods.

Our work focuses on two fundamental pillars: governance and education. Through Governance, we work to raise the voice of China, promote participation, and empower delegates representing the region. In the area of education, we continue to provide content that encourages more people to actively participate in the Web3 ecosystem.

Our mission and values

We are committed to improving the governance and ecosystem of Optimism and provide valuable insights based on the following values:

Transparency: We strongly believe that communication and accounting are the basis for resolving everything, and we encourage neutral and objective communication,.

Neutrality: any chain, dapp, public goods and community members should be treated equally and not favour the interests of the Optimism collective.

Decentralisation: decentralisation shall be reflected in every corner of Optimism.

Point of contact

My telegram@Marucszheng, Telegram Group: https://t.me/optimism_cn

Top Issues

Treasury management
Treasury management
We believe that resources should be prioritised and allocated to Optimism and public goods
Grant funding
Grant funding
We care more about the quality of the projects than the quantity, and we hope that the funding of the projects will bring more benefits to optimism and the ecology of public goods.
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