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Delegate Statement

Curia Lab brings together a dynamic team of DAO governance researchers, data analysts, blockchain engineers, and developers, all dedicated to enhancing the DAO ecosystem. We provides specialized tools, in-depth insights, and dedicated delegate services, all tailored to empower and evolve the DAO ecosystem.

Our core mission: empowering DAOs to make informed decisions and effectively achieve their goals. We firmly believe that blockchain technology holds the key to shaping the future of financial and governance systems. As such, it's crucial to ensure that the people leading the development of these systems reflect the diverse global community they aim to serve.

As a team, we recognize the importance of scalability in achieving mass adoption, and we believe that Ethereum's future is bright. Optimism is a critical piece of infrastructure that can make this vision a reality, and we are honored to contribute as delegates. Through our diverse business, governance, and technical perspectives, we aim to further Optimism's impact by actively engaging in community discussions and participating in governance.

Our view on the Optimistic Vision: As Curia, we believe that the Optimistic Vision has the potential to revolutionize the way we organize in the digital age. The ability to govern cyberspace through democratic means presents an opportunity for us to create a more productive and empathetic economy that rewards positive impact.

We believe that the axiom of impact=profit is key to incentivizing the creation of public goods which are crucial to the growth of the Optimism Collective and the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. We aim to contribute to this vision by actively seeking out and supporting projects and initiatives that align with our values and principles.

As a team, we recognize that lack of funding for public goods often perpetuates inequality, and we strongly support the Collective's mission to dispel the myth that public goods cannot be profitable. We believe that democratizing access to resources can have a positive ripple effect in reducing inequality and generating profit.

We also believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to building a sustainable and equitable cyberspace. As such, we will actively work towards ensuring that the individuals rewarded for their contributions to the Collective come from a global and diverse population. We aim to represent our communities of allies and underrepresented folks in the crypto space, and we believe that our efforts can assist the Collective in achieving its goal of building a virtuous cycle of impact-driven expansion that benefits all users of the ecosystem.

Our view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

Article 1: We strongly support the Optimism Collective's commitment to experimentation and flexibility as we believe that decentralized governance is an evolving field, and experimentation is essential to find the most effective methods. The Working Constitution's approach to a "Working" Constitution that allows for experimentation over the next few years, and a transitory document that will eventually lead to a permanent Bedrock Constitution, is an excellent approach to building a fair, democratic model of decentralized governance.

Article 2: We are pleased to see that the Optimism Collective is implementing a bicameral governance system that checks and balances the power of OP Holders and OP Citizens. It is essential to balance short-term incentives with long-term goals and avoid the misaligned incentives that come with simple token-based governance systems. We will work to ensure that the criteria for OP Citizens' representation are appropriately designed to accurately represent the diversity of the Optimism Collective.

Article 3: We are supportive of the Optimism Foundation as the initial steward of the Optimism Collective and its early governance model. As we have seen with protocols such as MakerDAO, progressive decentralization is a useful model to ensure that institutional knowledge is retained and best practices continue after full decentralization. We look forward to the Foundation's guidance in building a strong product that can enable successful decentralization while remaining consistent with the mission of the Collective.

Overall, we believe that the Optimism Collective's approach to decentralized governance is well-considered, and we are excited to contribute as delegates to help build a playbook for fair, democratic decentralized governance. We will work to ensure that the governance experiments align with the Collective's long-term vision and promote alignment of incentives for all members of the Optimism ecosystem.

Our skills and areas of expertise: Our team combines expertise in DAO governance research, data analysis, blockchain engineering, and development. Our team has been involved in the web3 space since 2017 and has contributed to various DAOs and tech companies. Additionally, we have access to resources from a leading venture builder in Southeast Asia, which will greatly aid our efforts in contributing to and guiding the development of Optimism.

Web3 interests: DAOs, Governance, DeFi, Infrastructure, NFTs

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