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Delegate Statement


We’re the SEED Latam delegation led by Joxes, aiming to push for protocol decentralization & a better ecosystem for the Optimism Collective while we help Latam communities to benefit and get involved.

What is SEED Latam?

SEED Latam is an ecosystem that aims to promote knowledge and critical thinking about Web3 in Spanish, as well as empower future Web3 leaders.

Our work focuses on two fundamental pillars: governance and education. Through governance, we seek to raise the Latin American voice, promote participation, and empower those delegates who represent the region. While in the educational field, we continue generating content to encourage the active participation of more people in the Web3 ecosystem. Since 2020 we have brought valuable content to members and encourage collaborative and cooperative learning.

Our mission and values

We work to make Optimism governance and ecosystem better and offer a valuable point of view according to the following values:

  • Transparency: we are believers that communication and accounting are the fundamental pillars of any governance. We will encourage and motivate this behavior where it is reasonable to apply it.
  • Neutrality: any chain, application, and community member should be treated equally without preferences other than the interests of Optimism Collective.
  • Decentralization: should be palpable in every corner of Optimism. We will be in favor of any initiative that leads Optimism as a whole to go into "autopilot" mode, subtracting central entities over time, if it is appropriate to do so.
  • Quality over quantity: Expansion is meaningless without results, we are advocates that every action in which the Optimism Collective has an investment grade should be justified and with reasonable prospects of success.

Delegation team

Each delegation in SEED Latam has its own work structure and dedicated contributors. For this delegation, we work under the following structure:

  • Leader: [me, Joxes!], I’m in charge of representing SEED Latam and carrying out the tasks as a delegate in Optimism governance. This includes voting, providing official feedback, submitting proposals, being the point of contact for delegators and the foundation, and other functions that are expected of this role.

  • Dedicated contributors: our passionate collaborators who love Optimism and dedicate time to its governance. They help this delegation fulfill its responsibilities and provide their expert insight on different topics such as DeFi, infrastructure, and DAO processes and contribute to creative action for the delegation. Also, they’re very active in the forum.

    • Manugotsuka: he collaborates with supporting Optimism’s Anticapture Commission responsibilities by assisting the delegation with specific tasks.
    • Pumbi.eth: He is collaborating in the day-to-day activities of the delegation, such as in the Mission Request tracking.
    • Habacuc.eth: He contributes to supporting Joxes in tasks related to Missions and Grants Council.

Contributor's Hall of Fame

We want to honor the exceptional champions whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the history of our delegation (in chronological order).

  • Nicoproducto
  • Ahhsun
  • ErikSuazo
  • Gasm
  • Pacha
  • 0xBlonde
  • CryptoChica
  • Netrim
  • Jadmat

Point of contact

Telegram: @0xJoxes Discord: 0xjoxes Forum:

Top Issues

Treasury management
Treasury management
We believe that the Treasury should allocate its resources towards initiatives that benefit Optimism and public goods around its ecosystem. Expenses must demonstrate productive results in accordance with the optimistic vision.
Grant funding
Grant funding
We champion transparency and prioritize quality over quantity. We support grants that foster the sustainable development of the Optimism ecosystem while endorsing initiatives with accountable funding. We are not interested in “wagmi” projects but those that can do a good job and set realistic goals.
Public goods
Public goods
Making public goods often lacks proper incentives and can be challenging. As a fundamental part of permissionless and decentralized protocols, they should be funded in a way that not only continuity of the same but incentivizes more contributions. Our approach is to support public goods and transparent and reasonable forms of financing which preserve the open-source ethos.
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Past Votes

Voted on 7 options in this proposal 2 days ago with 1.2M votes

Developer Advisory Board Elections

Voted: devtooligan, wildmolasses, wbnns, blockdev, anika, merklefruit, noah.eth
Reason: It has been challenging to select only five nominees, given the impressive skills and track record presented by each member. We have chosen devtooligan, wildmolasses, wbnns, blockdev, anika, merklefruit and noah.eth, and we greatly thank the rest for their nomination.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 1.2M votes

Chain Delegation Program Amendment

Reason: Given our current context, this program seems appropriate.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 1.2M votes

Season 6: V2. Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Reason: Although we believe the budget is still slightly high, we think it is important for this Council to have continuity, as mentioned in the forum. Therefore, we are okay with voting in favor of this proposal.
Voted on 12 options in this proposal 4 days ago with 1.2M votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Mission Reviewer

Voted: katie, Jrocki, Michael, mastermojo, GFXlabs, MattL, jackanorak, MoneyManDoug, brichis, habacuc.eth via seedlatam, Tane, Antoine
Reason: We have voted for MattL, Michael, Mastermojo, GFXLabs, Jackanorak, MoneyManDoug, and Katie, who were members of the Grants Council last season and all did an excellent job. They will be key to maintaining outstanding performance in Season 6. Additionally, we have chosen Brichis, Jrocki, and Tane for their combination of experience and alignment with Optimism. Finally, we voted for our candidate Habacuc, who brings significant context from working internally with Joxes at Grants Council during Season 5, along with a technical background related to the OP Stack. He is well-prepared to represent SEEDLatam in this role.
Voted on 2 options in this proposal 4 days ago with 1.2M votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Audit Reviewer

Voted: m4rio.eth, leo.sagan via seedlatam
Reason: We have chosen m4rio.eth and our nominee Leo.sagan as the most suitable candidates to perform the expected responsibilities for this new role.
Voted on 3 options in this proposal 4 days ago with 1.2M votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Milestones and Metrics Reviewer

Voted: Juanbug_PGov, mmurthy, v3naru_Curia
Reason: The Milestone & Metric members did a great job during Season 5, and each one has proven they deserve to continue for the upcoming Season 6.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 1.2M votes

Anticapture Commission Amendment

Reason: We voted in favor of the Amendment since the adjustments made are heading in the right direction.
Voted for this proposal 4 days ago with 1.2M votes

Upgrade Proposal #9: Fjord Network Upgrade

Reason: After carefully reviewing all the material provided by this proposal and the accompanying explanations, we have voted in favor of this upgrade as we see it as a net positive for OP Mainnet.
Voted for this proposal 23 days ago with 1.18M votes

Protocol Upgrade #8: Changes for Stage 1 Decentralization

Reason: Our rational here:
Voted abstain this proposal 23 days ago with 1.18M votes

Protocol Upgrade #7: Fault Proofs

Reason: Our rational here: