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Delegate Statement

Tané is the Blockchain Network Operator, focusing on building the decentralized world that empowers individuals. Please consider delegating to us!

Intro to Tané

Tané is formed with a group of crypto-native product builders, based in Tokyo, Dubai and New York. We are backed by SoftBank, and Japanese tech giants like DeNA, GREE, MIXI, closely work with the big Japanese enterprises and have great relationship with Japanese crypto communities.

Our investment arm has invested in and supported various innovating projects that contribute to the decentralized society enabled by the new blockchain technology. Our network operation entity started directly contributing to the ecosystem by being validators for the core infrastructures and protocols that make Web3 move forward and contributors to the DAOs that manage them.

Why we chose to be an Optimism delegate

There are many users and traders using L2 chains in Japan, but there are no prominent delegates who actively participate in and contribute to DAO governance from Japan yet. We are aiming to be the one who represents the Japanese users and token holders by being active in the governance, leveraging the partnership with Japanese enterprises and making meaningful impacts on the protocols and the ecosystem.

Our view on the Optimistic Vision

At Tané, we are particularly passionate about making positive impact which will lead to the profit to all of the stakeholders. We value practical contributions to the protocol and direct involvements in the discussions and voting activities in the DAO.

Our skills and areas of expertise

We are a group of crypto-native product builders and entrepreneurs who have experienced in building products as well as being in the crypto space long enough to understand the importance of building great products and achieving the decentralization and empowerment of individuals.

  • Takeshi, Head of Network Operations, who worked for Twitter as a software engineer and for SmartNews, a Japanese unicorn startup that provides a news aggregation mobile app with 30M MAU as a product manager.
  • One of our engineers was one of the founding engineers for LINE, the Japanese mobile messaging app with over 200M active users. He also built an Opensea-like NFT marketplace (acquired by SBI at a $25M valuation) and developed a popular NFT collection, NOT A HOTEL (sold $30m as a revenue) in Japan.

Languages we speak and write

English, and Japanese

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

Our investment arm has invested in a number of crypto startups but as of the time of writing this profile, we don’t believe there are clear COIs in terms of contributing to Optimism.

We have read and understood the Working Constitution and Delegate Commitments and understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment. We would like to collaborate with all the delegates and stakeholders to make the protocols and Optimism Collective better and be a good Optimist. Thank you!

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Past Votes

Voted on 6 options in this proposal 2 days ago with 1.01M votes

Developer Advisory Board Elections

Voted: wildmolasses, wbnns, blockdev, anika, philogy, noah.eth
Reason: It was tough to choose from candidates with great applications. We value the mix of leadership (Ed), specialized skills (Blockdev for ZK, philogy for auditing), and communication/collaboration/high-context knowledge with the Collective (anika, noah and wbnns) and vote for them accordingly.
Voted for this proposal 2 days ago with 1.01M votes

Chain Delegation Program Amendment

Reason: With the new intent featuring the Superchain strategy and considering the proper participation from the participating chains is necessary for the appropriate "collective" governance, we believe the amendment and the expansion of it are appropriate.
Voted for this proposal 2 days ago with 1.01M votes

Anticapture Commission Amendment

Reason: The amendment and clarification make sense and we support continuity of ACC.
Voted for this proposal 2 days ago with 1.01M votes

Season 6: V2. Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Reason: We expected more lower budget increases as discussed in the forum, but appreciate their effort and recognize the need to continue CoCC operation in a continuous way. We will vote against future proposals that only increase budget without consideration of the feedback from delegates, though.
Voted for this proposal 2 days ago with 1.01M votes

Upgrade Proposal #9: Fjord Network Upgrade

Reason: We have reviewed the specs and the summary of the changes in the call. RIP-7212 change leads to a better UX and we are great to see this and other improvements including the new compression implementation in this upgrade.
Voted on 12 options in this proposal 5 days ago with 1.01M votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Mission Reviewer

Voted: katie, Jrocki, Michael, mastermojo, GFXlabs, MattL, jackanorak, MoneyManDoug, Sov, brichis, habacuc.eth via seedlatam, Tane
Reason: We appreciate all the work and contributions that the Season 5 council Growth Experiments and Builders members and recognize continuous support from them in Season 6. Aside from them, we choose Jrocki, brichis, Sov and ourselves for the new members given the relevancy, expertises and contributions to the Collective so far.
Voted on 2 options in this proposal 5 days ago with 1.01M votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Audit Reviewer

Voted: AnthiasLabs, leo.sagan via seedlatam
Reason: We appreciate and support their interest from Anthias Labs that has experiences in supporting the grants and providing tools for risk monitoring , and continuous support from SEED Latam team in the program.
Voted on 2 options in this proposal 5 days ago with 1.01M votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Milestones and Metrics Reviewer

Voted: Juanbug_PGov, mmurthy
Reason: We are impressed about what Juan has provided and achieved in the Collective, its GC and other prominent DAOs including Uniswap and Arbitrum and what Murphy has been providing with Karma and his service to the Optimism GC.
Voted for this proposal 23 days ago with 1.01M votes

Season 6: Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Reason: While we strongly recommend the council to reconsider the rewards, the intention of the council’s inception should be valued and without a particular structure or proposal that is sustainable to address the CoC related matters, we should keep the council running.
Voted for this proposal 24 days ago with 1.01M votes

Season 6: Intent Budgets

Reason: Focused fundings on the new Intent to grow the Superchain makes sense strategically. Supporting the chain-specific grants programs is an interesting approach. We fully support the Intents and their budgets and look forward to the impacts that they make.