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Delegate Statement

I aspire to see Optimism significantly impact people's everyday lives.

Representation matters: I became a delegate to inspire others to engage in governance. My aim was to demonstrate that active participation in decision-making, free from the fear of technocracy, is achievable.

This is the place where decisions are made, and our perspectives are significant; our histories influence our positions during governance discussions. The more diverse the perspectives, the richer the discussions become, ultimately leading to a balanced consensus.

I am an optimistic individual strongly inclined towards collaboration, influenced by support from Latin American and women's communities. This background fuels my efforts to enhance governance accessibility, aiming for global participation and representation.

My view on the Optimistic Vision: I am fully aligned with the Optimism Vision, having witnessed how contributions that positively impact the Collective are rewarded. I aspire to extend this transformative effect to other people's lives and projects.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution: I am committed to diligently working on this experiment until we achieve fully community-led governance.

My Web3 interests:

Accessibility, DAOs, Events, Environment, Governance, Identity, Privacy, Security, Social impact.

Languages I speak and write:

  • Spanish
  • English

My favorite Web3 projects:

  • She Fi
  • ETH Global
  • Talent Protocol

Stay Optimistic 🔴✨ Brichis from Sunny-verse

Top Issues

Treasury management
Treasury management
It must be estimated based on a historical analysis of previous seasons.
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124.902K OP01/18/2024ADVANCEDPARTIAL0xd6...3b45

Past Votes

Prop 7915...5411
- 6 days ago

Season 5 : Intents Budget Proposal #2

for with 172K votes
Prop 6375...1274
- 6 days ago

Governor Upgrade #1: Improve advanced delegation voting

for with 172K votes
Prop 9511...1970
- about 2 months ago

Protocol Upgrade #5: Ecotone Network Upgrade

for with 158K votes
Prop 4725...5523
- about 2 months ago

Protocol Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) L1

for with 158K votes
Prop 7301...5780
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #2, 4M OP

Voted: Request 2A: [Additional Revenue Sources to Fund RetroPGF Rounds], Request 2B: [Builders grants program mission request], Request 2C: [Enabling ERC-7281 (xERC20 Tokens) Support on the Superchain Mission Request], Request 2D: [Facilitate capital migration to the Superchain], Request 2E: [Growth and experiments grants program mission request], Request 2F: [Hosting “Optimism Unleashed” event at EthCC 2024], Request 2G: [Layerwide new project support], Request 2H: [Making Optimism a primary home of liquid staked eth], Request 2I: [Novel treasury bootstrapping solutions], Request 2J: [Onramping], Request 2K: [OptiHack Global Initiative], Request 2L: [smart contract auditing services], Request 2M: [Superchain Hackathon Mission Request], Request 2N: [ZK Toolkit for ZK Application Developers] with 151K votes
Prop 1103...0147
- 2 months ago

Protocol Upgrade #4

for with 151K votes
Prop 8788...5896
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #4, 1.33M OP

Voted: Request 4A: [AI Assistant for governance support Mission Request], Request 4B: [Building Identity - Driving Adoption of Attestations], Request 4C: [Create a grants Supertracker for the Optimism Collective and the Superchain], Request 4E: [Delegation Quest SDK Mission Request], Request 4F: [Incentivize and increase governance participation], Request 4H: [Interactive Educational Program for Delegates and Governance Contributors], Request 4I: [Making Impact Evaluation Accessible], Request 4J: [Governance Mentorship Program Mission Request], Request 4G: [Integration of Optimism Gov and RPGF Modules into University Courses] with 151K votes
Prop 2871...4996
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #3, 1.33M OP

Voted: Request 3A: [Advancing Optimism Anonymous Community and Governance Tooling], Request 3B: [An Optimistic Future for Art], Request 3C: [Crowdsourcing useful verifiable data], Request 3D: [Deliver a Best-in-Class Perp Dex Mission Request], Request 3E: [Incentivize Projects to Integrate the Farcaster Social Graph], Request 3F: [Marketing Support Services mission request], Request 3G: [Onboarding existing communities/organizations to Optimism, solving real-world problems], Request 3H: [Onboarding Prominent Content Creators in Strategic Markets to OP and RPGF], Request 3I: [Onchain Quest & Education Infrastructure], Request 3J: [Optimism Ecosystem Proof of Provenance Infrastructure (EPPI) Mission Request], Request 3K: [Scale ENS to Optimism], Request 3L: [Superchain Accounts], Request 3M: [Municipal Public Goods Funding Infrastructure on Optimism] with 151K votes
Prop 9846...7958
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #1, 1.33M OP

Voted: Request 1A: [Alternative CL/EL client Mission Request], Request 1B: [Decentralized rollup-as-a-service], Request 1C: [Fraud Proof CTF Mission Request], Request 1D: [Implement a prototype of an OP stack chain with mempool , Request 1E: [OP Stack Research and Implementation], Request 1F: [Open Source OP Stack Developer Tooling] with 151K votes
Prop 6486...5740
- 3 months ago

Upgrade Proposal #3: Delta Network Upgrade

for with 150K votes
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