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Delegate Statement

I am deeply committed to the vision of harnessing the transformative power of the digital age to reimagine our way of collaboration and organization. In this new technological landscape, I see an unprecedented opportunity to build an economy that is not only more productive but also imbued with empathy and sensitivity towards the needs of our community.

My approach is focused on ensuring that the voice and interests of the community are not only an integral part of our decision-making but also the driving force behind our initiatives and strategies. This commitment translates into a passionate dedication to creating inclusive and empowering spaces, especially to increase the participation and leadership of Latin American women in the Web3 arena. I firmly believe that by integrating a diversity of perspectives and experiences, we can unlock deeper levels of innovation and understanding, fundamental for the development of meaningful and sustainable public goods.

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment and accept it.

My interest in being a delegate of the Optimism Collective stems from my conviction in the power of decentralization and community governance as engines of positive change. With diverse experience in marketing, technology, and a deep passion for social impact and innovation in Web3, I want to actively contribute to the growth and direction of the Optimism Collective. I firmly believe that, with careful governance and a committed community, we can overcome current challenges and shape a future where blockchain technology benefits everyone, not just a few.

The Optimistic Vision represents, for me, a unique opportunity to redefine how we interact with and value public goods within the digital society. By focusing our attention on positive impact and retroactive reward for valuable contributions, we are establishing a new paradigm where collective utility and individual benefit align harmoniously. This vision is not only innovative but essential for the sustainable development of our digital and physical society, providing a replicable model that can be extended beyond the Ethereum community's borders.

My opinion on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

Article 1: I value the experimental nature of this constitution, recognizing that evolution and adaptability are crucial in the early stages of any decentralized governance system. This flexibility will allow the Collective to learn and grow organically, adjusting to emerging needs and challenges.

Article 2: The equitable coexistence of OP Citizens and OP Holders within the collective is fundamental. This bicameral approach promotes a balance between diverse perspectives and needs, ensuring that both economic and community interests are considered in decision-making.

Article 3: I support the role of the Optimism Foundation as the initial administrator, as it provides a necessary structure to guide the collective in its formative stages. As we progress, I look forward to contributing to the gradual decentralization and democratization of governance, so that it truly reflects the voice and interests of the entire community.

My Web3 interests: Accessibility, DeFi, Governance, Social Impact, Visual Art.

Languages I speak and write: Spanish (native), English, and Portuguese.

My skills and areas of expertise:

• Research. • Marketing strategy development. • Data analysis and dashboard design. • Project management. • Web and audiovisual design.

Thank you for trusting me. Stay optimistic 🔴✨.

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Past Votes

Voted for this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Season 6: Intent Budgets

Reason: I agree with the proposed purposes and budgets. Each of the intentions is important as it provides a good foundation for further fostering growth within the Superchain. I’m excited to see everything that is coming for this season.
Voted for this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Season 6: Grants Council Operating Budget

Reason: I support this operating budget proposal from the Optimism Grants Council due to its comprehensive approach to strengthening and continuously growing the ecosystem. The work done last season proved to be efficient and thorough in reviewing hundreds of applications. Therefore, I believe that allocating resources for new key roles within the Council can help alleviate the workload and enhance performance. Furthermore, the inclusion of clear performance metrics to assess the Council's impact ensures transparency and accountability in the use of community funds, which is essential for maintaining participants' trust in governance.
Voted on 1 options in this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Season 6: Developer Advisory Board Renewal

Zach Obront
Reason: I have read both proposals, and each of them is really good, which has made the decision difficult. However, considering the proposed budget and Zach's experience in the last season, I have voted in favor of his proposal. I believe that both Zach and Ed are very involved, the ideas proposed by both are interesting, and it would be amazing to see them working together in the DAB.
Voted for this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Season 6: Intents Ratification

Reason: I vote in favor of this proposal. I agree with the purposes proposed by the Foundation. Each one is highly significant as it provides a solid foundation for expanding the vision of the Optimism Collective for the Superchain. I’m excited to see what will be accomplished based on these intents.
Voted for this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Season 6: Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Reason: I sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the Code of Conduct Council during Season 5 to strengthen governance in Optimism. The exploration of decentralization in the application of the Code of Conduct represents a bold step towards a more inclusive and transparent community. While I support the evolution of these processes and understand the need for additional incentives to encourage greater participation, I find that the proposed increase in the COC budget could be considered somewhat high. However, I trust that this increase could create opportunities to expand participation and improve the effectiveness of the Council; therefore, I have decided to vote IN FAVOR of this proposal.
Voted for this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Governor Update Proposal #2: Improvements to advanced delegation allowance calculations

Reason: I have voted in favor of this proposal because it enhances the accuracy and reliability of the advanced delegation system on the Optimism network. This update rectifies errors in allocation calculations that were affecting delegates, ensuring they receive the correct voting power in all scenarios. Additionally, the proposal has been audited by OpenZeppelin, confirming its security. This improvement will strengthen the integrity of the governance system and facilitate more representative and effective participation in Optimism governance, benefiting the entire community
Voted for this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Protocol Upgrade #8: Changes for Stage 1 Decentralization

Reason: I voted in favor of this proposal because it enhances the security and decentralization of the Optimism Superchain. By increasing the Security Council’s signing threshold from 4 to 10 out of 13 members, it ensures that important decisions require broader consensus, reducing the risk of unilateral decisions. This change meets the L2Beat framework’s requirements for a Stage 1 rollup, enhancing security and stability for all users. Additionally, the reassignment of the Guardian role to the Guardian Safe, controlled by the Security Council, and the designation of the Foundation as Deputy Guardian, better distribute power and allow for rapid emergency intervention. The transfer of L2ProxyAdmin ownership to a 2/2 system between the Security Council and the Foundation ensures that no single entity has excessive control over system upgrades. These changes are essential for progressing towards greater decentralization and maintaining a secure and reliable network.
Voted for this proposal 1 day ago with 38.6K votes

Protocol Upgrade #7: Fault Proofs

Reason: I voted in FAVOR of this proposal as it represents a significant step towards decentralization and enhanced security on the Optimism network. This upgrade reduces the trust assumptions required for users by enabling a permissionless proposal and fault proof system. This means any user can propose output roots and participate in the dispute system, eliminating the reliance on a privileged proposer. Additionally, the system includes robust security mechanisms, such as the guardian's ability to intervene in emergencies, ensuring a safe and responsible transition. I believe this update directly addresses the community's needs and concerns. Furthermore, the upgrade paves the way for future improvements and multiple proof systems, which will continue strengthen the network.
Voted for this proposal about 1 month ago with 6K votes

Governor Upgrade #1: Improve advanced delegation voting

Reason: I am in favor of this proposal. The update specifically addresses an improvement in user experience by simplifying the voting process. Furthermore, the fact that it is based on community feedback indicates a responsive approach to user needs. This update could be a great measure to enhance the efficiency and usability of the Optimism governance system.
Voted for this proposal about 1 month ago with 6K votes

Season 5 : Intents Budget Proposal #2

Reason: I am in favor of this proposal. The reallocation of funds is crucial to address the growing demand for missions in Optimism and to maintain the level of quality of the proposals. Additionally, ensuring a steady flow of grants is essential for the growth and innovation in the Optimism ecosystem.