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Delegate Statement

I am deeply committed to the vision of harnessing the transformative power of the digital age to reimagine our way of collaboration and organization. In this new technological landscape, I see an unprecedented opportunity to build an economy that is not only more productive but also imbued with empathy and sensitivity towards the needs of our community.

My approach is focused on ensuring that the voice and interests of the community are not only an integral part of our decision-making but also the driving force behind our initiatives and strategies. This commitment translates into a passionate dedication to creating inclusive and empowering spaces, especially to increase the participation and leadership of Latin American women in the Web3 arena. I firmly believe that by integrating a diversity of perspectives and experiences, we can unlock deeper levels of innovation and understanding, fundamental for the development of meaningful and sustainable public goods.

I have read and understood the Delegate Commitment and accept it.

My interest in being a delegate of the Optimism Collective stems from my conviction in the power of decentralization and community governance as engines of positive change. With diverse experience in marketing, technology, and a deep passion for social impact and innovation in Web3, I want to actively contribute to the growth and direction of the Optimism Collective. I firmly believe that, with careful governance and a committed community, we can overcome current challenges and shape a future where blockchain technology benefits everyone, not just a few.

The Optimistic Vision represents, for me, a unique opportunity to redefine how we interact with and value public goods within the digital society. By focusing our attention on positive impact and retroactive reward for valuable contributions, we are establishing a new paradigm where collective utility and individual benefit align harmoniously. This vision is not only innovative but essential for the sustainable development of our digital and physical society, providing a replicable model that can be extended beyond the Ethereum community's borders.

My opinion on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

Article 1: I value the experimental nature of this constitution, recognizing that evolution and adaptability are crucial in the early stages of any decentralized governance system. This flexibility will allow the Collective to learn and grow organically, adjusting to emerging needs and challenges.

Article 2: The equitable coexistence of OP Citizens and OP Holders within the collective is fundamental. This bicameral approach promotes a balance between diverse perspectives and needs, ensuring that both economic and community interests are considered in decision-making.

Article 3: I support the role of the Optimism Foundation as the initial administrator, as it provides a necessary structure to guide the collective in its formative stages. As we progress, I look forward to contributing to the gradual decentralization and democratization of governance, so that it truly reflects the voice and interests of the entire community.

My Web3 interests: Accessibility, DeFi, Governance, Social Impact, Visual Art.

Languages I speak and write: Spanish (native), English, and Portuguese.

My skills and areas of expertise:

• Research. • Marketing strategy development. • Data analysis and dashboard design. • Project management. • Web and audiovisual design.

Thank you for trusting me. Stay optimistic 🔴✨.

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Past Votes

Voted on 22 options in this proposal 4 days ago with 37.6K votes

Mission Requests: Intent #3A, 6M OP

Voted: Request 1A: Optimism Dominance in Yield-Bearing Assets 1A, Request 1B: Optimism Dominance in Yield-Bearing Assets 1B, Request 1C: Optimism Dominance in Yield-Bearing Assets 1C, Request 1D: Optimism Dominance in Yield-Bearing Assets 1D, Request 2: Subsidized Audit Grants, Request 3: Developer Tools, Request 4: Research capital migration to the Superchain, Request 5: Microgrants for Experimental Projects, Request 6: Optimism as base for LRTs, Request 7: Experimental Derivative Markets , Request 8: ERC 4337 Data & Attribution Standards for the Superchain , Request 9: Sequencer commitment games, Request 10: Develop Onchain Social Games that attract Builders to Optimism - v2, Request 11: Open-source transaction simulator, Request 12: Increase Project Accounts, Request 13: Support on-chain games close to launch, Request 14:Optimism as Venture Studio, Request 15: Gaming Infra in the Superchain, Request 16: Marquee Governance Hackaton , Request 17 :Accelerating Game Development in the Superchain, Request 18: Decentralized Basis Trade, Request 19: Create Educational Programs that Empower Developers on Optimism - Modified with Lower Budget
Reason: https://gov.optimism.io/t/cosmicki-delegate-communication-thread/7671
Voted on 1 options in this proposal 4 days ago with 37.6K votes

Mission Requests: Intent #3B, 12M OP

Request 1: Support the Superchain
Reason: https://gov.optimism.io/t/cosmicki-delegate-communication-thread/7671
Voted on 9 options in this proposal 4 days ago with 37.6K votes

Mission Requests: Intent #1, 500k OP

Voted: Request 1: Cross Chain Voting, Request 2: Research and Develop a framework to measure potential capture of the Token House, Request 3: Grants Claiming Tools , Request 4: Analysis of Grant Programs, Request 5: Voting Analysis, Request 6: Farcaster Social Graph, Request 7: Develop non-technical solutions for increasin -both voter and token participation in the DAO, Request 8: Decentralized alternative for contract attestation placeholder, Request 10: Integration of Optimism Gov and RPGF into University Courses
Reason: https://gov.optimism.io/t/cosmicki-delegate-communication-thread/7671
Voted on 5 options in this proposal about 1 month ago with 38.3K votes

Developer Advisory Board Elections

Voted: devtooligan, wildmolasses, wbnns, blockdev, anika
Reason: It has been a bit challenging to make a decision with such incredibly talented candidates nominated for this board. Based on their profiles, I have chosen my top 5. I'm excited to see how this turns out!
Voted for this proposal about 1 month ago with 38.3K votes

Season 6: V2. Code of Conduct Council Renewal

Reason: Supporting this proposal will not only strengthen our ability to effectively handle governance challenges but also ensure that the CoC continues to play a vital role in promoting transparency and fairness within Optimism.
Voted for this proposal about 1 month ago with 38.3K votes

Chain Delegation Program Amendment

Reason: I vote in favor of this proposal because it will significantly strengthen our community and the participation of L2 chains. The proposed adjustments in eligibility criteria and the increase in program size are crucial steps to incentivize greater participation and engagement in governance. This not only supports the sustainable growth of the ecosystem but also promotes a more transparent and collaborative governance structure. I am convinced that these changes will benefit Optimism in the long term by facilitating a more robust and dynamic environment for all participants.
Voted for this proposal about 1 month ago with 38.3K votes

Anticapture Commission Amendment

Reason: I vote in favor of this proposal due to the clear benefits it will bring to strengthen governance in Optimism. This proposal aims to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of the Anti-Capture Committee, a crucial structure to maintain decentralization and prevent undue capture of the Token House by stakeholder groups. Furthermore, these amendments will allow the Committee to better adapt to the changing needs of the Optimism ecosystem, maintaining its experimental role while improving its ability to significantly contribute to governance system resilience. In summary, voting for these amendments is essential to strengthen the transparency, fairness, and effectiveness of the Anti-Capture Committee in its protective role over the decision-making process in Optimism. I am convinced that these changes will positively contribute to the community by ensuring that governance remains robust and truly decentralized.
Voted on 2 options in this proposal about 1 month ago with 38.3K votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Audit Reviewer

Voted: m4rio.eth, leo.sagan via seedlatam
Reason: I’m voting for m4rio.eth and leo.sagan for the roles of Audit Reviewer on the Grants Council for the following reasons: m4rio.eth has an excellent track record and appears to be the ideal candidate for the position. His experience and technical skills are outstanding, which will enable him to effectively perform audit reviews. leo.sagan, on the other hand, also possesses a solid and complementary profile. His ability to collaborate with m4rio.eth, combined with his own technical knowledge, would be beneficial for the team. Both candidates have the necessary technical expertise to thoroughly evaluate audits and ensure that the required quality standards are maintained. I strongly believe that their selection will strengthen the Grants Council's review process, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
Voted on 4 options in this proposal about 1 month ago with 38.3K votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Milestones and Metrics Reviewer

Voted: Juanbug_PGov, mmurthy, v3naru_Curia, LauNaMu
Reason: I am voting for mmurthy, v3naru_Curia, Juanbug_PGov, and LauNaMu for the Milestones and Metrics Subcommittee of the Grants Council. These candidates have demonstrated outstanding performance in previous terms, bringing invaluable experience to the team. mmurthy, v3naru_Curia, and Juanbug_PGov have shown continued commitment to improving the efficiency of the grant review process through their previous involvement in the subcommittee. Their knowledge of the ecosystem and technical skills are crucial for maintaining consistency and quality in milestone and metric evaluation. Additionally, I nominate LauNaMu for their deep understanding of impact metrics and extensive experience in the web3 grants ecosystem. I firmly believe their addition to the team will further strengthen analytical capabilities and ensure a thorough and equitable review of projects. In summary, I believe this combination of candidates not only ensures the continuity of a proven team but also adds fresh and specialized perspectives that will enrich the grants review process.
Voted on 12 options in this proposal about 1 month ago with 38.3K votes

Grants Council Reviewer Elections: Mission Reviewer

Voted: katie, Jrocki, Michael, mastermojo, GFXlabs, MattL, jackanorak, MoneyManDoug, Sov, brichis, habacuc.eth via seedlatam, Tane
Reason: I have voted to retain experienced members of the Grants Council while welcoming new talent. The first seven candidates have proven their effectiveness in the past, and their experience is crucial for maintaining the excellent work of the Council. Among the candidates who applied, I am confident that Brichis, with their knowledge of the Collective, commitment, and diverse skills, can significantly contribute to achieving the Council's goals. Habacuc, with his technical expertise and previous work with Joxes from SEED Latam on the Council, is well-prepared for this role. Sov, with his experience at Gitcoin, will enrich our understanding of grants. Jrocki and Tane bring important technical and governance skills. In summary, my vote for these candidates is a blend of recognizing their excellent past performance and including new members with complementary and relevant skills to further strengthen the Grants Council.