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Delegate Statement

I want to help. I have seen too many public goods fall or end up hostage to their providers and compromise. We are in a critical state of our society where the vision needs to be shifted, valuable things and money are not the same and this rule should be applied when considering public goods. I want to help identify and promote these value creators so they can positively impact our future and profit from it.

My view on the Optimistic Vision: I believe this is the first step to abandoning the old nation-state system for a more global, inclusive, and sophisticated society. The Optimism Collective will seed new education systems. Open, disinterested, and nonpolitical associated media that will inform curated facts and not only manipulated opinions. New digital ways to rapidly identify problems and the most impactful solutions and more! I always felt my optimism squeezed by corporations without personal profit. This vision is a paradigm shift and we will see more and more talent attracted to it, we all want to do good and live from it.

My view on the first three articles of the Working Constitution:

My opinion is we won’t see a permanent bedrock constitution in 4 years. We will see an adaptive, flowing, and always changing code, guarded by a new collective. We live in constant change, the constitution needs to be born, live, die, and decompose to nurture the next constitution. In 4 years a new constitution will be set for the next 4 years and so on. When society makes 2 steps ahead usually also tends to consolidate power, which leads to stagnation and crisis. In a futile attempt to maintain the consolidated power usually those in power take society 1 step backward. If we want to always move forward, power consolidation must always be avoided.

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Past Votes

Prop 6375...1274
- 8 days ago

Governor Upgrade #1: Improve advanced delegation voting

for with 171K votes
Prop 7915...5411
- 8 days ago

Season 5 : Intents Budget Proposal #2

abstain with 171K votes
As the proposer and Grants Council lead I have to abstain.
Prop 4725...5523
- about 2 months ago

Protocol Upgrade #6: Multi-Chain Prep (MCP) L1

for with 183K votes
Prop 9511...1970
- about 2 months ago

Protocol Upgrade #5: Ecotone Network Upgrade

for with 183K votes
Prop 8788...5896
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #4, 1.33M OP

Voted: Request 4A: [AI Assistant for governance support Mission Request], Request 4E: [Delegation Quest SDK Mission Request], Request 4F: [Incentivize and increase governance participation], Request 4H: [Interactive Educational Program for Delegates and Governance Contributors], Request 4G: [Integration of Optimism Gov and RPGF Modules into University Courses] with 186K votes
Prop 2871...4996
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #3, 1.33M OP

Voted: Request 3C: [Crowdsourcing useful verifiable data], Request 3D: [Deliver a Best-in-Class Perp Dex Mission Request], Request 3E: [Incentivize Projects to Integrate the Farcaster Social Graph], Request 3K: [Scale ENS to Optimism] with 186K votes
I sponsored Proof os provenance and Marketing support. I won't vote on them to avoid any conflict but I support them.
Prop 7301...5780
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #2, 4M OP

Voted: Request 2A: [Additional Revenue Sources to Fund RetroPGF Rounds], Request 2C: [Enabling ERC-7281 (xERC20 Tokens) Support on the Superchain Mission Request], Request 2D: [Facilitate capital migration to the Superchain], Request 2G: [Layerwide new project support], Request 2H: [Making Optimism a primary home of liquid staked eth], Request 2I: [Novel treasury bootstrapping solutions], Request 2J: [Onramping], Request 2L: [smart contract auditing services], Request 2N: [ZK Toolkit for ZK Application Developers] with 186K votes
Sponsored Builders and Growth, I won't vote on them to avoid any conflict but I support them.
Prop 9846...7958
- 2 months ago

Mission Requests: Intent #1, 1.33M OP

Voted: Request 1A: [Alternative CL/EL client Mission Request], Request 1B: [Decentralized rollup-as-a-service], Request 1D: [Implement a prototype of an OP stack chain with mempool , Request 1E: [OP Stack Research and Implementation], Request 1F: [Open Source OP Stack Developer Tooling] with 186K votes
I sponsored Froud Proof CTF, to avoid any conflict I won't vote on it even if I support it.
Prop 1103...0147
- 2 months ago

Protocol Upgrade #4

for with 186K votes
Prop 1057...2554
- 3 months ago

Proposal to Reclassify Grant Misusage Enforcement

for with 182K votes
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